CARA Functionalities explained

This site is to explain general functionalities within the IATF CARA Tool. We will explain which functionality is to be expected on different types of fields and buttons.

Action Buttons

Button type


Button type



Hide/Unhide Button

This allows you to hide or unhide a section within the application. This action is only for the users comfort to get a better overlook no data will be removed. (Example: Hiding the instructions on the start page after reading them)


Help button

This button will open the help menu. Giving you further advice.

Action and Information Button

This button opens a new site on clicking on it. They are used on the start page of the application. In general they are used to continue your work on existing report, to enter the NC Management, to enter the available report list, to import data to the application or to export data like the backup. These buttons have a dark grey information box which has further information about the data set behind the button.


Action button

The regular action buttons a blue. We have different types of these buttons. Where possible we tried to work with symbols which allows smaller buttons, there are many buttons where we have texts. The symbol buttons return the action if you hover(leave the mouse) on them.


Add button

The add button is used if we have data sets which allow to add more lines. The size of the data set doesn’t matter. This can be only another language field or a complex data set like a process or site. Be aware that required fields have to be completed for the new data set. If you have made an error you can use the remove button explained bellow. This buttons is only available once per data set usually in the top right corner of the section.


Remove button

The remove button is used if we have data sets which allow to add more lines. It appears at the end or the beginning of a data set. So per data set will be one remove button. In some cases if at least one data set is required the first data set won’t have the possibility to remove the first data set. This might be as well the case if data is added by business logic, in case of the manufacturing processes, which are added by defining a process as manufacturing processes. Please be aware that data sets removed will always be permanently removed.


Add file button

This button is always available if a file can be attached. The application limits file to pdf and jped images. Pdfs are limited to 5 MB, Jpegs will be converted to reduce size. This limitations is for security reasons or in case of the jped file type so images can be printed with the report. Files will be base64 encoded and part of the report exports. If you click on the image or the pdf icon of a file that file can be saved on your computer.


Remove file button

This button removes the attached files from the report. Per attached file one remove file will be available next to it’s image or symbol representation.


Edit data set button

This button is used within the reports if we have data sets with many data fields, like processes, sites or Nc Actions. It will be within the data set table at the top of the page next to the id and name representation of the data set. After clicking on the edit button the edit section will open and you can edit the data fields. Changes are saved directly so clicking on an edit button of another processes will open the edit section for this process.


Upload report button

This button is usually in the top right corner of the report list. It will open the file chooser so you can select the report you wan’t to add. It has the same functionality as the import report/backup button on the start page. Reports will be always imported directly to the correct report list based on the report type. The system will inform you if the report already exists within the CARA Tool and ask you if you want to overwrite it. Reports are recognized by their unique id not on report names.


Copy report button

This button allows you to copy a report. After copying the report will be opened so you can continue your work.


Edit report button

This button is allows you to open a report. You will find it in the report list. The IATF CARA Tool keeps always one active report which you can access from the start page using the start button for the specific report type. New reports are not added directly to the report list (it can be just a test) they become part of the report list if they are exported or printed. Though if you are opening a different report you will be asked if you want to store the active report if it is not stored yet.


Export report button

This button allows you to export report directly from the report list. The default type is the json format for the second format xml will be written as XML in brackets. You can find a detailed data description in this wiki.


Multi entry action

This function will open an entry box which allows the user to make multiple entries at one. Each entry will be separated by a new line.


Move up and down

This allows to move an element up or down. This sorting is permanent and has also effect on the print report. Depending on the position of the element at the beginning or end of the list only one of these icons will be available. Because IATF CARA also allows filtering and alphabetical sorting this buttons will be hidden during filtering and sorting.


Information button

This button shows meta information about the report or element. It will contain the id of the report or field, the creator and creation date and on report level also the file size.


Show file button

This button will show the file in the file view in the browser without the requirement to download data. It will open a pdf and show jpeg images larger


Sort button

This button allows to sort all fields based on the field it is placed next to. On clicking it multiple times the sort order will be changed. An arrow next to the field shows the actual sort order.

The sorting and filtering can be deleted using the delete icon in the filter box.