IATF CARA quick guide for data safety

The only accepted way to store data is to make a backup or save the report

IATF CARA is a file based application running in your browser. It does not send any data to server except your CB offers a Rest API. The only accepted transfer of data and storage of data are the files created.

The direct access to your data on opening the browser using the browsers database is only a comfort feature.

Avoiding browser update, clear cache and/or loading errors

  1. When you are finishing your work day please make a backup it only takes a minute and you are save https://infosysc.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CARA/pages/79527937

  2. If you are loading files make a backup. Please read carefully the Yes/No messages during this process as they will inform you about the consequences. This avoids accidentally loading backups or overwriting reports while trying to merge.

  3. Copy finished reports to a specific location on your hard drive. Always keep the report pdf and report json/xml

  4. Files will not be overwritten so old backups can be deleted after some time. All this data is generally stored in your downloads folder

Avoiding data loss with crashing systems or stolen devices

  1. Please make sure that you make regularly safety copy of files stored on your device

    1. by using a cloud

    2. an (encrypted) stick or hard drive

    3. or the Rest Api

  2. Make a safety copy before travelling

Please be aware that data entered in IATF CARA reports is sensitive information. Data safety means to protect this information from data loss but also making sure that it is not lost or provided to third parties.

IATF CARA provides you also with the possibility to encrypt data files. As this files are using a safe algorithm you need to remember the password though as it can not be recovered.

Depending on the CB you are working with some recommendations might be more specific or excluded.

These rules should be also applied on any other files you have created on your device.