Using the REST-API

The availability of the Rest Api depends on the CB providing it and having started the integration process with the IATF CARA team.


When the RestApi is available it can be activated at the bottom of the Settings page (!/settings )

For the full activation the user has to confirm that contrary to the design of IATF CARA he will now be able to send and receive data to his CBs server.


IATF CARA supports at the moment the redirect login process using a Single Sign On. To get access to the REST-API the user will be redirected back to the CBs SSO server for a login. When the login was successful he will be redirected back into IATF CARA and the system will confirm the login and update the ID and Login expiry fields on the start page. When a login is expired the system will automatically restart the login process before any action of the button can be executed. If the redirect was executed the previous upload and download action will not be executed anymore after the redirect and has to be restarted.

The loin can be executed on the settings page and on the start page as shown in the images above and bellow.

Download and Upload buttons for REST-API

On the start page an additional RestApi section will be added for this CBs RestApi to download reports from his server. It depends on the integration state which loading functions will be available


Next to the save button on each page an upload button will be offered to upload that report directly to the CB. This process will happen in the background. For this button to be available the CB for the report has to be selected.

The same button is also available in the report list next to the report. So it can be directly uploaded to the CB.