Serial and ADP-single sign on activation


Dear Auditors if your ADP number has changed your old serial will remain valid until the Iatfdatabase entries are updated. This process is outside of the IATF CARA teams scope. Please do not use the ADP login to receive a new serial before IATF CARA will ask you to. If you are a new auditor you will be accepted once you are added to iatfdatabase by the TO/OO.

IATF CARA activation was changed. Please use the ADP login to activate IATF CARA. On activation you will receive a serial which can be used or you can continue using the ADP login.

IATF CARA will now ask you with this message box to enter your serial or login with your ADP account. I you do not have yet your serial number or your ADP changed you need to use the ADP login.

Only enter a serial if you know it otherwise use ADP-Login

Auditors using the zip package have to use for the ADP single sign on to retrieve their serial number. Afterwards they can use that serial to authenticate themselves in the local package. After performance improvements for the loading and update process users should try to use the automatically updated version.

  1. After clicking on ADP-Login you will be forwarded to the ADP single sign on login site.

  2. After the login you will be redirected back to IATF CARA.

In IATF CARA you will receive a confirmation that IATF CARA was successfully activated. It will show you your serial no (blacked out in the example). And you can enter your Auditor Name. This Name will be used for file naming to differentiate between reports of yourself and the co auditor and you can use it to import your ADP and Name in the audit team section using the person icon. It won’t be send to the server at any time. This box will only appear if IATF CARA was previously not activated (invalid license) if IATF CARA is already in the Valid state you can check this information in the settings section.

You can check your details in the IATF CARA Settings section (Settings->General) IATF CARA - Settings . There you will find your serial number, your name (it can be edited here), your auditor id and the CBs you are sponsored by. You also have the option to change the serial no which will result in a request to the server and checking of the serial number and updating the information. In the top left corner you will find the ADP Login button to login with your ADP account instead of using the serial no.


 If you experience any problem please contact the service desk or email providing your ADP and name and we will help you.