Performance complaint in special audit report

From release 1.3.1 of IATF CARA the performance complaint e-mail received from the iatfdatabase responsible for the special audit report for the performance complaint has to be attached. The content of that e-mail will also be printed.

Please follow these steps:

1. As reason for the special audit, select one of the options containing “Performance complaint”

After selecting a performance complaint as reason below the selection a new section for attaching the performance complaint will appear

2. Save the performance complaint on your device

Most e-mail programs and also cloud based web mailers will allow you to save the e-mail as a file. This will usually be a file ending in .eml or, in the case of Outlook, .msg.

3. Load the e-mail into the performance complaint data field

You can drag and drop the e-mail file into that field or you can also use the load file icon with the plus and than select the file.

After you have successfully loaded the performance complaint e-mail, you will see the the e-mail subject and all performance complaint attachments in the box. The performance complaint text will be set in inserted in the section “Audit details”.

If you made a mistake you can use the trash can to delete the data.

Problem saving the e-mail

If you have a problem saving your e-mail you can also load the attachment(s) you have received in the performance complaint e-mail. If that attachment is not a pdf file, please save it as pdf before loading.

After you have successfully loaded the attachment. You have to enter the performance complaint no and copy the full performance complaint text starting with ******************** into the text box in the section “Audit details”.