Performance complaint in special audit report

From release 1.3.1 of IATF CARA the performance complaint e-mail received from the iatfdatabase responsible for the special audit report for the performance complaint has to be attached. The content of that e-mail will also be printed.

Please follow these steps:

1. As reason for the special audit, select one of the options containing “Performance complaint”

After selecting a performance complaint as reason below the selection a new section for attaching the performance complaint will appear

2. Save the performance complaint on your device

Most e-mail programs and also cloud based web mailers will allow you to save the e-mail as a file. This will usually be a file ending in .eml or, in the case of Outlook, .msg.

Only Performance Complaint E-Mails generated by the iatfdatabase will be accepted. They follow a specific standard which the system checks for.

3. Load the e-mail into the performance complaint data field

You can drag and drop the e-mail file into that field or you can also use the load file icon with the plus and than select the file.

After you have successfully loaded the performance complaint e-mail, you will see the the e-mail subject and all performance complaint attachments in the box. The performance complaint text will be set in inserted in the section “Audit details”.

If you made a mistake you can use the trash can to delete the data.

Problem saving the e-mail

If you have a problem saving your e-mail you can also load the attachment(s) you have received in the performance complaint e-mail. If that attachment is not a pdf file, please save it as pdf before loading.

If you have no attachments and you need to save the performance complaint e-mail. You can open the mail and try to save it as pdf using “Save as” or you can go on print and use a pdf printer to print the e-mail into a pdf.

After you have successfully loaded the attachment. You have to enter the performance complaint no and copy the full performance complaint text starting with ******************** into the text box in the section “Audit details”.