Filtering and Sorting

Use the filtering option to find the process or site you are looking for.

IATF CARA allows to filter sections where more than one element can be placed. This sections are Sites, Processes and Nonconformities. Depending on the data the fields will change. The filtering and sorting is applied only on the digital represantation of the data. It has no effect on the data itself or the printed result.

In the top left corner is the filter reset. This will remove any filtering and sorting options set. For some fields it will be possible to apply sorting. IATF CARA only supports only first level sorting. By selecting a different field for sorting all data will be sorted based on this field. The sort order and the field is displayed by an arrow next to the field name. Bellow each field name are the filtering options which can be applied. On very strict fields like process audit team or option fields like Yes/No a selection box will show the available values. On most other fields a simple text box allows to search for any occurrence of the provided text.

Permanent reordering of elements

Additionally to the sorting and filtering on the view level elements can also be reordered permanently so they are loaded and printed in this structure. Next to each element you will find an arrow section with an arrow down and/or up.

Using the move function will move the section one down (arrow down) or up (arrow up). The move functions can be used as required to reorder all list elements where they are available.