Cara Licensing

The use of the IATF CARA Tool is limited to valid and active auditors cbs and witness auditors. Active auditor id’s are synchronized with IATF database if your IATF auditor id is not accepted. CBs have their own CB serial which will allow them access to the CARA Tool.

Every active auditor receives a serial number which remains unchanged as long his auditor auditor id (ADP no) is not changed. To receive that serial number he can use the ADP database single sign on After a successful single sign on. His serial number will be automatically entered in IATF CARA and shown to him. The ADP single sign on is only required to retrieve the serial no. Using the serial no is completely sufficient for the IATF CARA activation.

Please do not try to enter wrong serial to often or load IATF CARA with the wrong serial number. The licensing server has an active attack recognition and will block the IP after 20 wrong requests.

The IATF CARA NC Management Tool used for completing the NC Management reports by the organization does not require any serial number and can be always accessed.