Offline Usage

IATF CARA requires an up to date browser to be used in offline mod. Attached is the list of browser versions compatible with the offline mode functionality. IE (Internet Explorer) is not part of this list because this browser shouldn’t be even used anymore and won’t work with the requirements of modern applications, though the usage in online mode should be possible.

All data saved in the browser is connected to the browser history feature. Cleaning the history will delete all saved data as well as the cached version of the tool. Restoring of data is possible with the backup function. Reinstalling the tool happens on next startup.

After the first start IATF CARA runs offline on your device, if the browser history/cache is not cleared. You can always access the newest version on the server using “Ctrl+F5” this will result though in the situation, that the offline version will not be updated. This happens automatically every time you open IATF CARA. The new version becomes active on the next startup of IATF CARA after closing the browser and the update was downloaded in the background.

Instructions how to use offline

  1. Start IATF CARA at

  2. During startup all data required files will be downloaded into your browsers cache

  3. Check if everything went right. Next to the Software version you will find the information in your language “Tool offline available”

  4. If you don’t have that information please reload the page, there might have been an issue during loading. If the message still won’t appear check your browser version below our start a ticket at

  5. You can try the offline usage by closing the browser turning off wifi and restarting the browser and accessing the IATF CARA tool using the bookmark.

How to install

Apart from beieng offline available the used progressive web apps technology on some browsers (e.g. Chrome) enables you to install the Cara tool which will create a direct access icon on mobile devices and in the windows start menu when you are using Chrome.

You will be asked if you want to install IATF CARA or in Chrome an install button (+) will be available next to the cara address.