IATF CARA CB specific settings

IATF CARA is an application to standardize the process of the creation of IATF 16949:2016 reports. Which will have all the same data and will be printed in an identical structure. There are settings which can be differ based on the report created depending on the selected CB. These differences are minor in the printed report (logo, disclaimer) and also involve functionality in the application. This list contains the options which can be defined by a CB.


  • Logo

    • printed on title page and in the header

  • Address

    • printed on the title page

  • Disclaimer

    • end of the results page


  • Copy and inheritance

    • reports can not be copied or inherited within IATF CARA to avoid uuid conflicts

  • Maximum NC CARA attachment size

    • The process how NC are exchanged differs for each CB (e-mail/cloud) and also how they prefer to work with attachments and the transfer capacity. Each CB can set a limit when it is impossible to attach anymore documents to an NC Management report.

    • Default: 10 MB warning, 25 MB block

  • Encryption

    • IATF CARA supports encryption using AES which can be activated in the settings. Using the encryption might result in problems after data exchange or on data storing of an IATF CARA file in the CBs system. So it is possible that the encryption won’t be possible to be activated. Decryption will still be possible though.

    • Default: no encryption is active but it can be activated by the user

  • Saving as XML

    • IATF CARA data can be saved in json and xml. The data structure remains the same but not all systems support both formats. Because json is the standard in web applications and commonly used by most CBs it is possible to turn of the XML saving option for reports of that CB to avoid problems with a second data format.

    • Default: IATF CARA standard and recommended format is json, it is possible to save in xml

  • Formatting

    • allow formatting with bold and bullet points (formatting will add html tags to the raw data) for:

      • Process audit details

      • Previous audit nonconfomities -> Verfication details

      • Audit Summary

      • Special audit -> Audit details

      • Nc Management

  • REST

    • IATF CARA is designed as file based local application due to data privacy concerns. If a direct communication with the CBs system for data exchange is desired skipping the need for files IATF CARA supports the interaction using REST. For this the Organization has to have a REST API in place providing authentication for auditors and/or clients and the possibility to push reports to the system and pull reports from the system. For an integration a request can be placed in the service desk to start the planning process.

    • https://infosysc.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CARA/pages/753041424/IATF+CARA+restful+interface