FAQ 33: IATF USI (IATF Unique Site Identifier)

The IATF USI is mandatory for all main and extended sites after Stage 2. If you don’t have a USI you can use the “Find IATF USI” to start a search. If you have the USI you can enter it and automatically load the site data using “Update site data”

The IATF Unique Site Identifier (USI) is used to identify a site within the IATF certification.

Since version 1.3.2 that field is available for all sites in the IATF 16949 audit. The field is bellow the site/organization name.Depending on the audit cycle and site type the field is mandatory. The USI is mandatory for the main site and the extended manufacturing site, if there are in an audit cycle after Stage 2. They can still be optionally added. Most of the support location also won’t have an IATF USI so the field is not mandatory yet.

The IATF USI is a 6 digit alphanumeric code which has to be entered correctly otherwise IATF CARA will mark that USI field in red and print a correction message in the audit report. If the IATF USI field remains in red please correct it.

Next to the USI field you will find buttons to look up the IATF USI or to update the IATF site data based on the data provided from the IATF Customer Portal.

Finding the USI

The Find IATF USI function will try to identify the site based on steps:

  1. When an IATF certificate no was provided in Audit Data for the main site a request will be started to the IATF Customer Portal to return the IATF USI for that main site of that certificate.

  2. If it is not a main site or the certificate no is not set the IATF USI will be request based on the site/organization name and city and if provided based street 1. The result has to be exactly one site. If you receive no results or to many result you receive an error. You can now directly check for the USI on the IATF Customer Portal a correct your data in the report and send your request again.

    1. If you have no result: You can remove the street or shorten the site name if you have possible additions which might have not been added into the IATF Database

    2. If you have to many results: You can add more details i.e. the street1

    3. How does the site data search work: Look for all sites names that contain the IATF CARA site entry (*site name*) and are in a city that contains IATF CARA City entry (*city*) and if set that contain the street 1 (*street 1*)

      1. This means that shortening the entry may find more data while adding more to the field will have less results

As IATF CARA also works offline you have to keep in mind that this request only works if you are online. You will also receive a message in the bottom right corner when the request is send and when it is resolved.

Updating site data

If you have the IATF USI you can use the IATF Customer Portal to automatically import the site name and address into the fields of IATF CARA.