FAQ 32: NC is not updated with client data?

If the client data is not updated the reason is in the data itself. Usually the problem is an old file, the client send back only a single NC (other than expected) or the auditor load an old report file without the NCs and tried to recreate it.

If the client data is not updated in the load client NC data process. Please check the feedback message you receive on loading that provided provided file. IATF CARA will return you the information if that data could be matched.

As every NC has a specific id that matching is done on this id. Any removal of the NC and recreation will result in an unmatched NC.

Please check the feedback you receive how many NCs were matched

If the NCs could not be matched

If you are sure that your client provided you with the NCs which should be matched and they aren’t. The NC was removed and recreated after the NCs were send to the client. Please follow these steps:

  1. Load the original NCs you send to the client (NC management file you send to the client without any answers). This can be done by using the original NC Management file send to the client. When you use “Load report/backup” on that file IATF CARA will replace the NC Management report in the audit with the loaded one. (This recreates all NCs with the original ids which can be matched).

  2. After this you can use the normal load process (Load client NC report) and the NCs will be matched.

If the NCs can be matched but the data is still empty

The reason for this is the data in the file. The client has send you an empty or old file. The best way to check this is to load the provided file in IATF NC CARA and check the data your client send you. IATF CARA will not load same the organization data twice and it will also skip empty answers.

You find IATF NC CARA @ https://nc-cara.iatfglobaloversight.org/