FAQ 29: My data is missing

Dear user due to data privacy concern we are not transferring any user data to any server (outside of the license validation scope). The availability of data on restarting the application is a comfort feature which relies on the browser cache/history. The application is provided by a server and running in the browser but it is not a cloud product with a central data server this can be also recognized at the missing login (the serial is only a validation of your auditor certificate).

Data is only available in the browser cache as long you are using the same browser on the same device and you have not cleared your browser cache/history.

The only proper way to safely store data is by using the backup function and the report export to store data on your hard drive

If you have changed your device

You can still make the backup on the old device and load the backup in the new device

If your browser opens empty

  1. Are you using the same browser on the same device?

  2. If no 1 is true please check your downloads folder for Cara-Tool-Backup_Date.json file and load that file. Based on the date and size you can recognize when this backup was created.

If you don’t have any backups the data can not be restored it is never send to any server we can not restore it.

We are really sorry but all our documentation provides this information to avoid this problem.

Please find the explanation on how to secure and migrate your data


Our warning at the beginning of the application.