FAQ 13: Loading and Saving json/xml or jsons/xmls(encrypted) files problem or pdf icon issue

There is no general problem with loading or saving the files. This functionality is controlled by the browser and the device CARA is used on. In some cases though if the user tries to open these files he sometimes creates a problem himself by selecting default applications to open the created files like Adobe or some other program. This will result in error messages because this files are not proper pdfs.

At the bottom you will find two suggested solutions to fix your problem. The file is properly saved but these errors create confusion. If this solution is to complicated or does not work for you please contact your IT-Department.

1. After clicking of the save report file an application is opened with an error message (i.e. Adober Acrobat Reader)


In Chrome it is possible to define a default action for a file type. Apart from saving it is possible to define an “Always open files” action. This functionality will result in error message if the wrong program is defined or open the json/xml in the editor but not save the file in the regular downloads location.

To deactivate these steps you have to execute the following steps:

  1. Go to chrome Settings (three dots top right corner) menu item “Settings” or use the link “chrome://settings/downloads”

  2. Open the “Advanced” menu on the right

  3. Click on “Downloads” in the advanced menu

  4. If you have the option automatically open files activate you will see the text “Open certain file types automatically after downloading in the “Downloads” section use the “Clear” button



  1. Go to edge settings (three dots top right corner) or use the link “edge://settings/downloads”

  2. menu item “Settings”

  3. Click on “Downloads” in the settings menu (left menu)

  4. If you have the option automatically open files activate you will see the text “Open certain file types automatically after downloading in the “Downloads” section use the “Clear” button



other browsers

We have not found a similar functionality in other browsers if you have the same problem please contact the service desk.

2.The symbol in Windows shows a different application icon (i.e. Acrobat)

Following these steps will help you to assign a different default application to the json file type which in turn will change the icon. In any case the json file is properly saved but it can cause some confusion as we are used to work with the icons and do not check the file type ending.

This is not a real problem in the case of saving the file. It will be saved though now it is possible to double click on the json/xml file and this will result in an error if a wrong program is selected.

It is actually not possible to delete this functionality in Windows after it was once defined. You can only select a different program if the icon is confusing.

By default you can always select the editor so the file type has a different symbol. It is not possible to open CARA files by double click though because CARA is a browser application you can not open CARA files directly.

To change the default program you have to complete the following steps.

  1. Right click on CARA xml/json file and then in the opening menu select “Settings” (at the bottom of the list)

  2. In the now opened settings menu for the file you will choose “Change” next to the small icon of the file type in the “Open with” section

  3. You can now select the app to open with you will find the option “other apps” at the bottom after clicking on it the list will get longer

  4. Select the Editor/Notepad app

This change will result in the new symbol. It is now still possible to double click the file though this won’t result in an error anymore.

The file now will open in the editor and you can see the raw data of the json. Please do not make any changes and save those as this will damage the file making it problematic to load it back into CARA