FAQ 25: Where are report files/pdfs saved

The save function is controlled by the used browser and sometimes by the used device. In general there are three actions which happen on saving files in the browser:

  1. In general files are automatically downloaded into the devices default downloads folder.

  2. For some files like pdfs it is possible that they are opened directly. Please do not open the report and backup files directly. Loading of the files is done through the open file function within IATF CARA.

  3. In some browsers you will be asked if you want to open the file, save it or save it to a specific path

Because Apple iOS devices block the creation of files within the browser (this is a standard). IATF CARA can’t be properly used on iOS devices like iPhones and IPads.

The save function and place are controlled by the settings of your browser


Changing the location of file save

You can change the location where files are saved in the browser by going into the browsers settings section and use the menu on the left for downloads or the search at the top for downloads.

There you can change the default location where files are saved or activate the option so you will be asked every time where you want to save the file.

If your browser tries to open the file by default you can “Clear” Open certain file types automatically after downloading