FAQ 22: Asian and non Asian languages pdf/printing problem

CARA is a multi language application. Due to it’s use of modern browsers it will represent all languages correctly in the digital version without any changes required. When generating pdfs we require a specific font though, which supports printing of Asian characters. The fonts we actually can use have some limitation in other areas like printing bold etc.. This is the reason that CARA by default uses for printing the provided font. This is automatically switched when users use Chinese/Korean/Japanese as their default language browser language or change the CARA tool language to Chinese/Korean/Japanese in settings. For all users with non Asian characters it is required to activate the font in settings so Asian characters in the text boxes will also be printed correctly.

Please activate the correct font in settings. Option: Chinese/Japanese or Option: Korean. Please deactivate any font for non Asian languages

If you are an auditor in China please check if you have to use the IATF CARA download package https://infosysc.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CARA/pages/766967810

English and not activated Chinese font

English and activated Chinese font