FAQ 19: How to handle required fields?

A required field in CARA has to be entered otherwise it will be marked as missing the generated report. You are warned before generating the pdf that required fields are missing.

How to recognize required fields?

All required fields in CARA have a small star before the label. This can be the label asking a question or the label for the column in more table oriented field sets.

Apart from the star required fields are marked by a red border around them as long they are not entered correctly.

All required fields will be marked as missing in the pdf by “Missing required” in red in the generated pdf.

Types of required fields

  • Text and date fields

  • Options

  • Table field

Option fields


Cara has two types of option fields single entry and multiple entry. In both cases all options will have a red border around them until at least one value was entered.

Table fields/data sets

In some cases CARA supports the dynamic entry of data sets. Like one to many auditors for example:

Another auditor entry line can be added by using the +-icon. Next to each entry line is a trash-icon which enables you to delete that entry line. As you can see an added line has to be completed by entering the required fields or by removing it.

Removing a data entry line will remove all data content of that line.

report generation (pdf)

All fields will be checked on generation and similar to the application fields will be marked as missing. If the report contains missing required fields you will be warned during the generation and asked if you want to continue.

Please watch out for the warning for required fields before passing on a generated report to the client.