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Welcome to the NC ARA information page. This page will answer all your questions about the IATF NC CARA (Common Audit Report Application) Tool. The idea behind the CARA Tool is to create standardized audit reports and support the auditor on creating these reports. The NC CARA Tool enables users to complete their NC Management in a web based application and return standardized and well formatted data to auditors and CBs

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The tool is available at nc-cara.iatfglobaloversight.org. It uses the browser to cache and save data. After starting the tool it will be automatically saved in your browser and offline available. You can start it without any internet connection. All managed Nc Actions will be saved in the browsers internal database and can be additionally saved on your device using the save all reports function or the save report function. The browser database is connected to the clean browser cache functionality. Please make sure to create save all reports on your device before cleaning the browsers cache.

Help documents

Please have a look at the video tutorial: https://infosysc.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=46596234

Or our work instruction: