For users with older versions of CARA it might be the case that the CARA update 1.1 is downloaded only partially in some browsers. You will receive a red warning. Please close the browser and open it again. Only this will make sure that the update is fully started. This process was improved for the next updates but can not be changed for this update because it is caused by the local version on the device (Technical information the Service Worker downloads the new index.html but starts it with the old .js files which causes missing files error).

This article explains how the IATF CARA is updated and how it works for the user. As progressiv web app IATF CARA is fully functional after starting it the first time. During this start process all required data is saved on the users PC in the browser cache. Starting of IATF CARA can be done using the link or a bookmark even without an internet connection. Using the progressiv web apps install function even an icon can be placed on desktop. This solution allows us to use modern web technologies to create a device and OS neutral application. Additionally no application has to be installed on the users device requiring additional rights.

IATF CARA is web technology based and requires a browser to run it doesn’t require a permanent internet connection and can be even started without one.

Using the progressiv web app technology the concept is to start the application which is on the device of the user. In background the application checks if an internet connection is available and downloads a new version of the application if required. The user can continue to work on his report and won’t notice any changes because the update is used on the next startup of the application. Between an update and actively using the new version there will be always a one startup delay. If a user want’s to actively force IATF CARA to use the new version he can restart the application by closing and reopening the browser.

Short explanation for an update:

  1. Open IATF Cara and wait a half/full minute to load the newest version. (Only direct at start up updates are loaded, not in the running application)

  2. Close the browser

  3. Open the browser in the new version


Before creating tickets on possible bugs please check the release information if your version is up to date. https://infosysc.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CARA/pages/5865474