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  1. When an IATF certificate no was provided in Audit Data for the main site or in Receiving Support Site a request will be started to the IATF Customer Portal to return the IATF USI for that main site of that certificate.

  2. If it is not a main site or the certificate no is not set the IATF USI will be request based on the site/organization name and city and if provided based street 1. The result has to be exactly one site. If you receive no results or to many result you receive an error. You can now directly check for the USI on the IATF Customer Portal a correct your data in the report and send your request again.

    1. If you have no result: You can remove the street or shorten the site name if you have possible additions which might have not been added into the IATF Database

    2. If you have to many results: You can add more details i.e. the street1

    3. How does the site data search work: Look for all sites names that contain the IATF CARA site entry (*site name*) and are in a city that contains IATF CARA City entry (*city*) and if set that contain the street 1 (*street 1*)

      1. This means that shortening the entry may find more data while adding more to the field will have less results