FAQ 16: Linking clients process to the support and supported location activity

CARA integrates business logic to support auditors with their entries. Especially in the case of processes they have to be entered to be referenced in activities or non-conformities or to inherited in manufacturing process.

All Processes have to be defined at the beginning to be used in all other CARA process fields. They will be identified internally by an id but displayed with their name. All changes are done instantly. Please comment not audited process with N/A in process details (in R1.2) you can select this option

Manufacturing processes

By defining a process as manufacturing process the shifts section will open depending on the site being on site or offsite you can enter the shifts for on site processes or offsite processes which can be executed on different sites.

Non manufacturing processes

The process in this section are process provided and received by a location based on the IATF classification. You don’t link manufacturing process to locations or activities!

Similarly for non manufacturing process they will be available for activities in providing and receiving support sites depending on a process being on site or remote. Remote process can be used in activities for sites providing support. On site processes can be used for receiving support sites.