Release Information

IATF CARA is designed as progressiv web application. On startup the tool caches all data for the application in the browser and uses the index db of the browser to save all application data within that browser as well. On every startup the application downloads changes in the background if a new release is available. On the second start up after closing the browser the new version will be started. This process is defined by CARAs offline capability and the control of the browser.



First: Reserved for major release changes

Second: Reserved for data structure changes and also features, patches and translations

Third: Reserved for features, patches and translation corrections.

Handling of reports between versions

The original of the report is the pdf created on completion. If a report is accessed in a new version IATF CARA will show all new fields in the digital version as required. If there is a business logic which can be applied it will be applied by IATF CARA (i.e “Has previous NCs question from R1.2 will be automatically answered with yes if there were previous NCs). The pdf will also be created in the updated version printed.

IATF CARA has a fallback for required fields implemented. All fields which were previously not required will also be not required in the new print version also not be printed. If that field has a value though it will also be printed. The fallback decision is made on the audit end date and the new release date. The day the update was activated on the users device has no influence.

Updated Cycle: New fields are not in planning. IATF CARA will receive now monthly updates based on feature requests and functionalities.

Release information table (contains already published release information)


Release Date


Features Added


Release Date


Features Added



Please provide feature and change requests using the service desk till 15.10.21 for planning, approval and annoucement


message service

planned mid of September


  • add e-mail to be informed about IATF CARA

  • different lists depending on changes comming



(delayed for final feature release)


  • Change in Database list handling

    • increase of performance of IATF CARA on increasing data amount

    • possibility to keep more reports in browser cache if needed

  • NC Management (import of client data)

    • Avoid importing organization data if the field is empty. To avoid the case that the client sends the full report as single NC with empty already closed NCs.

  • Extend auditor merge to add customer information lines if new

  • Inheritance to transfer audit

  • News page in IATF CARA

  • RestApi integration for first CB




  • IATF CARA Serial and ADP based login

    • First login using the ADP site to receive the serial number and activate IATF CARA

    • Afterwards if the database is cleared and no backup is used ADP or serial can be used

  • Confirmation message on using load report on an auditor NC

  • Warning for loading formats like pdf and archive

  • Fix:

    • xml formatting missing Signature

    • help translations

    • default 0 in processes reference list when empty




  • Processes

    • question “not audited” will be changed to “was the process audited in this audit”

    • On not audited name of representative is hidden

    • KPI

      • On Recertification and new KPI hide trend 3 years

      • Business rule: On Stage2 and no previous audit hide Trend last since last audit

  • Print

    • Organization information

      • other language scopes will be printed even if they are not part of the selected langua

    • remote location audit

      • add is on site process question

    • add Draft information to draft pdf file name

  • Audit report

    • Only auto calculate next audit date for Stage 2, due to possible changes in surveillance audit dates

    • Business rule: Recommendation Options on Recertification allow suspension recommendation

    • Customer Information

      • Business rule: On Stage2 and no previous audit hide “Changes since last audit” and “Special status since last audit”

    • Audit conclusion

      • At least one project is required

  • Special audit business rules

    • Only verification reason or another reason is possible

    • On Verification hide process details already entered in audit to reduce entry effort

      • Name of the organization's representative audited

      • Process performance

      • Description of the customer CSR's audited

      • Description of the interactions with supporting / supported processes at other sites(s) and/or remote location(s) audited

  • NC Management business rule

    • Select IATF standard clause automatically for all NCs only ISO is optionally set by business logic

  • Stage1 Readiness

    • Add Shift Time check to avoid problems due to pre generated reports

  • Merge of audits

    o   Process KPIs without a name are not added during the merge


    o   By default, backup interval for new users is set to 0 to avoid any data loss

  • General

    • Added warning if IATF CARA is opened multiple times in the same browser



  • unification and clearer naming of recommendations

    • business logic for audit recommendation based on audit type

    • business logic for special audit based on reason for the audit

  • special audit supports now scope extension with sites and processes

  • changed the organisation encryption to randomly generated passwords for nc reports

    • passwords will be used for the whole communication process

  • process reference list

    • added full bi-directional PA/OFI/NC changes

    • added the possibility to hide PA/Ofi/NCs in table and activate it by default using settings

    • added to set compliant and to differ between set and empty fields

    • remote audit reports require now also a process reference list

  • added new fields

    1. allow to add language specific scopes for certificates in different languages [all reports->Organization information]

    2. allow month based dates for Dates of CSR [audit reports->Customer information]

    3. add evidence of implementation files container (CBs field request) [Nc Management->Organization]

    4. because CARA inherits all NCs from previous reports verification of previous audit nonconformities will get a column special audit conducted which will replace effectively implemented in this case [Audit reports->Audit conclusion]

    5. Manufacturing process add no of operational shifts for every cycle to avoid removing data on old cycles based on reduced amount shifts in this cycle [Audit report->Manufacturing processes]

    6. Manufacturing process shift times for this audit cycle [Audit report->Manufacturing processes]

    7. Repeating Cb block for NCs revoked and returned by organization multiple times. Final block is always the last one [NC-Management->CB]

    8. CbCertificate No for providing and receiving support locations

    9. postal code is now required please set N/A if not applicable

  • organization files import

    • added a protocol to identifier import details

  • changes in print

    • general

      • reduced the pdf file size

    • report

      • fixed: wrong formatting of index on 2 pages titles

      • fixed: wrong formatting of process reference list on page break

      • new fields were added

      • customer information page is now horizontal

    • nc report

      • horizontal NC overview containing now all relevant information about the NC

  • Adhoc-NC report

  • saving of report is now possible from all pages in the header

  • estimated file size is calculated

    • on NC report at 10 MB a warning shows up to send the rest of files separately

    • on NC report at 25 MB further attachments are blocked

  • print of draft report added

  • loading of IATF CARA was improved in the first load only essential language files are added

  • Multi element sites (i.e. Processes, sites, NCs)

    • Filter and sort functionality

    • Quick jump index to next element

    • Jump to field

    • possibility to move up and down of processes to resort them

  • NC management report answer block can be repeated on each reajection

  • new mandatory fields are optional and not printed if the audit date end was before the release

  • Meta information for each report or nc report including estimated file size



  • improved some translations

  • added option inheritance to special audit for remote location reports

  • NC Management

    • added 8.2.2 NC selection

    • removed index from nc print




  • business rule change

    • increased possible expiration date of certificate

  • fix

    • all report list might contain only

    • auditor audit dates on site improved




  • improvements

    • ask to confirm password for encryption

    • fix loading of same file names is blocked by browser

    • meta information icon for ids and other data

    • recognition of file type based on data content not file type ending

    • additional merge exceptions

  • business rules changes

    • “All automotive customer(s)” CSR required fields only Name or Date of CSR document is required (one of both not both as before)

    • Certificate Issue and expiration date is not required for Stage2, Transfer audits

  • print documents

    • process reference list design was improved and color codding was added

  • update information message system for auditors using local zip packages

  • Copy of site templates so activities can be kept through sites

  • Add process list as list so processes will be added automatically



  • improved remote audit report

    • fields not available in remote audit report removed

    • options for selection

  • print documents

    • do not print empty tables

    • do not print empty pages (i.e. no Ofi, PA)

    • adjusted header so long remote support audit function will fit better

    • added information to results section for IATF NC CARA

  • Question “is this a remote audit” and field for required reason for remote audit

  • Retry for password entry

  • direct link to video tutorials when online

1.1.8 B17


  • Fix

    • UTC time for Shifts in stage 1 report print

    • UTC time in displayed dates on site selection

    • wrongly displayed message for encryption blocked by Cb

  • Document print

    • disclaimer after results activated


    • work Instructions added



  • business logic changes:

    • processes can be now on and off site

    • question “If 100% resolved, target date for special audit” only required on “Accepted, but 100% resolved” reviewer decision

    • removed the fix on next scheduled audit to approve later dates due to the situation

  • improved merge of audits

    • only if text entries of auditors differ and are not empty they will be shown as co-auditors entries

    • added an info icon if process has merged data information

  • usability

    • on enter in activities no new lines are added

  • improved xml compatability and issues and continued reports from developments site

  • Process reference list

    • overview for NCs for better identification



  • fixed resetting of NC Management organization data problem on edit

  • removed CB part from print in NC CARA for organization (no warnnings)

  • improved loading in NC CARA

  • fixed “Conformity, effectiveness and relevance over the last 3 years” on print number to Yes/No




  • improved merging function, added No increments to avoid number collision, Ofi inheritance added

  • fixed typos on Activities

  • improved next scheduled audit options

  • added business logic for special audit recognition

  • improved NcManagament date inheritance




  • pdf: reduced the size of pdf several fold

  • Stage1: fixed times to UTC, old times will be transformed

  • typo CAA to CCAA number corrected

  • improved date selection for audit date start and end date




  • Service Worker

    • Forces browser to load new pages from webserver on update by versioning marker on all files (fix: pages were loaded randomly from cache control of the browser, which created version inconsistency and incomplete updates)

  • NcManagement

    • added enter ISO 9001:2015 requirement on requirements only based on Iso (fix: confusing for auditors on multiple changes of standard clause and not changing requirement)

  • Fix for loading reports with missing process Ids




  • general improved translation

    • Spanish

  • results

    • entry date can be last audit day date




  • typo CAA to CNCA number corrected

  • general

    • improved translation

      • Portuguese

      • Castilian Spanish

      • Polish

      • French

      • Russian

      • Korean

      • Japanese

      • Chinese

  • customer information

    • fixed PSA supplier code

    • added set IATF OEM on auto complete of recognized OEM

  • merge import

    • fixed overwrite of KPIs by non lead auditor

  • fixed process correction action on activities to strict

  • report print

    • Missing Required warning for previous certificate fixed

    • fixed overlong text columns over one page won’t be printed

    • improved process description table, more width for entries

  • general

    • boxes disabled due to IATF rule set are greyed out



  • process reference list

    • improved business logic remove compliant (x) in process reference list when major (ma) or minor (mi) NC is selected

    • performance optimization direct entry table

      • Edge gets slow due to it’s programming no improvement is available yet [it calculates the layout every time new]

  • fixed old report Ofi/Positive Aspects printing problem, comments problem

  • fixed missing jsons ending in encrypted backup files

  • organization information

    • Set “Are there any outsourced processes” on “If product design responsible for IATF 16949, is the design outsourced” = Yes



  • Activities only in English

  • Merge will also merge KPIs based on “Proccess KPI(s)” field

  • Pdf limit was raised to 10 MB

  • OFI and Positive aspects were moved to the report not a part of nonconformities

    • Data will be moved automatically for old reports

  • Added the possibility for Native language/or additional English scope and address

  • Fixed the problem that in some browser the index.html is updated directly causing update problems

  • New design

    • Better menu interaction

    • Core functions on start page

    • Modern design

  • Required fields are marked red until completed

  • CARA files can be AES encrypted

    • Activation in settings

    • Automatic encryption by saved password

  • Added different data fields (Please check data definition)

    • Nc management header was extended for auditors and dates for recommendation use

    • New fields like scope and address and Id extension like in address

    • Changed audit team recommendation to accept multiple answers

  • Added more business logic

    • Check for audit team recommendation and special results plausibility

    • Process on/off site automatic switch

    • Better integration of NCs with results (changes on Ncs will by default overwritten by reference list in audits)

    • Moved some business logic to report open process to improve checks on imported/loaded reports

      • calculation of nc or results

      • finding manufacturing processes in processes and making them available on the manufacturing processes page

    • Check audit team for duplicated auditors

    • Calculation of dates on site to 3 decimal precision e.g.1/8 a day

    • Auto calculation of dates for dates depending on last date of audit

    • Added information messages when fields are changed by business logic (where might be required)

    • Added information messages if fields are blocked due to business logic (where might be required)

  • Added signature option or document is valid without signature

    • In settings auditors can add a signature image which will be added if their name is set as auditor in possible signature fields

  • Inheritance on NC dates from report

    • Date limits on setting nc dates

  • Autocomplete for Auditor names in NCs

    • suggests available auditors

  • Added “Load and add” feature to sites, process, Ofi, positive aspects and NCs to reports with same unqiue id

  • Added new process reference list layout in audit report to enter directly in table design

  • Keeping organization data in Nc Actions from previous nc management report import if that data is imported multiple times

  • Exporting/Saving of single NCs is possible, also loading and joining single NCs to a complete report

  • Table style process reference list second layout

    • Direct entry table style layout

    • Supports calculation of PAs, NCs in results



  • Improved design

  • Added new fields

  • Audit Days are not reset anymore on change

  • Fixed JSON date bug

  • Standardized file naming

  • Integrated IAFT auditor field on start up

  • Added possibility to add multiple languages to Languages spoken on site

  • Added Process audit team

  • Inheritance of NcManagement Data to ProcessReferenceList

  • Added report merging for auditors



  • Added additional option to process reference list

  • Changed Stage1 inheritance to NA for not selected elements

  • Fixed issue with report printing with CB Logo

  • Improved printing

  • Better support for report files with missing required fields like arrays

  • Changed Positive Aspects and Ofi on results page to number fields

Import of XML files



Continue buttons to resemble menu order

Bug fixes on remote support site audit print showing manufacturing fields

Moving minor due date on results page to the 60 days column


Activation of the Tool only with a valid auditor id

Choosing a CB for the report in Audit Data

Added Table of Contents to Report print

Added Process overview in report print if more than one process

Added NcActions Overview in Nc Management if more than one NcAction