FAQ 18: The attendance lists are not listed on the left bar. What is expected from us?

Attendance lists are not required to be entered in IATF CARA or attached but can be entered and manged by IATF CARA to have a complete report

IATF CARA supports the entering of attendance lists in two ways as list in IATF CARA format or as attached file. The button for adding attendance lists can be found on the organisation data page at the bottom in every report.

Attendance List Layout

The attendance has three blocks:

  1. Header: Management of different lists

  2. Content: View and edit block for attendance lists managed in CARA data format

  3. Footer: Management of attendance lists as attachments

If attendance lists are attached as files they don’t have to be reproduced in CARA data format and vice versa

If an attendance list is added it requires a name. If an attendee is added name, function and department have to be entered. Please do not add lists or attendees if they are not necessary otherwise remove the fields.