FAQ 35: Archive reports

Mark fully completed reports which you have saved as single report file safely as archived. This function is a checkbox in the report list and is offered for each report entry. A report marked as archived will not be part of the backup reducing the size and unecessary redundancy.

IATF CARA will store all reports in the browser cache. To store the current state of the browser cache IATF CARA offers the backup function which will store all reports and settings in a backup file. This functionality will result in an increasingly larger backup file over time. Older reports though won’t change anymore over time so including them into each backup results in unnecessary large backups. We recommend to store the final report on the hard drive as single report and than mark the report as archived in IATF CARA. This allows you to keep the report still in IATF CARA but exclude it from the regular backup.

  1. Open the report list

  1. Klick on Archived next to the report id (see red marking), Once a report is marked as archived you will see the archived symbol next to the report name (see blue marking)