Release 1.3 Change summary and explanation

Database structure change

With release 1.3 we are changing the data structure in IATF CARA. This change is executed as automated process and in most cases will only take a minute. Before the migration all data will be secured as backup file automatically.

The reason for this change is to increase the performance, allow auditors to save more reports in IATF CARA and handle an update problem of Firefox and other browser saving large data amounts.

Please make sure you have enough space on your hard drive (this means the general rule recommended for the OS drive to have at least 5% free or the used data bar being blue not red in windows explorer in the device section) and we also recommend to make a backup in advance. In general the amount of data your browser is allowed to use is limited by the space on your hard drive. IATF CARA has no additional requirements on your hard drive than the basic requirements of your system: “Do not fill your OS drive to maximum capacity”. You should delete old not used data in your downloads folder like old IATF CARA backups.

Backup and new function archived

As there are still technical limitations to the backup process on maximum possible size and at the moment all reports are always saved in the backup a new archived function was added. A daily creation of the backup means that a lot of data which was not changed or is not even used is saved every time. The new archived function enables you to select reports you have fully closed and saved in their own report json file to be marked as archived. These reports will be excluded from the backup so they can remain in IATF CARA while not taking space in the backup.


Redesigned process reference list

The process reference list was improved over the last updates but it was still difficult to handle and did not follow the workflow of auditors. In this version of IATF CARA the process reference list follows its purpose to be an overview in IATF CARA.

It is now accessible in the right top corner in all reports where it is applicable. As some screens sizes might be limited you can scroll from right to left and will receive a hover over information about each cell about the process and the clause and value.

A process which is not compliant with the IATF CARA business rules (i.e. missing required fields, all clauses are NA) will be marked in red. You can jump into the process by clicking on the process name.

As the process reference list serves it’s purpose as overview the setting of NA/compliant was moved into the process section where it can be set in an easy overview. All other values are set automatically by IATF CARA based on your entries in the NcManagement and Ofi/PA page. By automatically setting NCs IATF CARA will also remove compliant values for major and minor clauses. The not audited value is set automatically by setting the process as audited or not audited.

All missing fields will be marked as required in red. Not changeable fields will be grayed out. Fields which were not set yet but are not definite like i.e. 5.1 will inherit the value but will not be set automatically.

An additional section was added which will show the auditing history for the process over time. This data is part of the inheritance.

Marking of missing required

IATF CARA is now marking missing required fields in the menu and in the relevant sections. This check is updated as you are making changes on the specific ‘page’. All pages are marked at once when a report is printed/generated as Pdf.

The marking of missing required is based on the compliance with older reports. This means that though fields might be added or changed from optional to required they will be marked as missing required in the digital version of IATF CARA. They are not marked as missing required in the printed version to be downward compatible. This means that the required badges will also not count these fields as missing required.


Simplification of site activities entries

The entry of site activities received features to reduce the workload for repeated entry.

  1. As activities are provided by a process they now can be set in the process section. This will result in the inheritance into sites where this process is used. Once the process was set in the site it will be not affected by any changes in this section. Any update made which has to be inherited once again has to use the ‘Update site activities’-button. This will result in an update of the activities in all sites the process is used.

  2. Providing and Supported sites can be copied as template. A template is a copy of the site where the site details like address are removed but the activities are kept. The copy can be executed using the template button.

Creating a witness zip package for NCs

At the bottom of the NC Actions a new button was added to create a zip file with the NC Pdf and all attachments of the NC report. The creation of that report will take a minute.

Optional marking of completion state in Processes

In the process audit details an auditor has the option to set the state of his entries. Which will be shown in the list view of the process. as red (working on) or green check (completed). The purpose is to keep easier track of completion due to the textboxes which will quickly remove the missing information on entry while auditor might not be ready yet. Because it’s a pure help feature it is not set by default on “working on”.